Before you head out to buy your next Sleeper sofa, sit down for a moment and pause for thought. Grab pen and paper because you will need it and it will help.

Better still, take yourself down to your favorite coffee bar and be prepared to be inspired. You are about to make an important lifestyle choice. This concerns creating the perfect balance between style and price for when you go to buy your new couch. To talk about being inspired, creating perfect harmony takes its own inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of Feng Shui.

Back then, they did get the balance right. Their motivations were entirely honorable and practical. Dealing with practicalities, it was always about creating efficiency in the use of space. Honor-bound influences had everything to do with making the home’s inhabitants wholesomely happy. In order to achieve this, a sense of serenity was created. In the art of Feng Shui every room or living space has its purpose. Feng Shui advocates, however, should have a field day shopping for a sleeper couch.

Chances are also good that they are likely to succeed in their decorating and homemaking missions. Cleverly, they will be able to create a perfect balance between style and price. But what about a good night’s sleep then. That, my friends, is for you to decide. Finding the right couch built for purpose will be challenging. All it needs is the same attentive application of testing you would normally apply to testing out a new bed. You need to unroll the couch and try it out for yourself.

And it’s not just comfort and style you should be concerned about. You also need to take into account good sleeping posture.