This is the era of competition. Competition bring with it stress in great measure. There is tremendous pressure on one to succeed at any cost. This stress is the cause of many an ailment in a healthy individual. Stress has certain tell tale signs, the most prominent among them being suffering hair loss. It is very often seen that a stressed person would be either having a receding hairline or undergo premature greying. One can use drug supplements to cure oneself of such medical ailments. The most popular medication is “Biotin”. Biotin is a complex B Vitamin which is usually recommended for treating hair loss and breaking of nails as well.


It is an accepted fact that success breeds a lot of enemies. Similar is the case here, where a lot of spurious drugs by the same name are floating in the market. It must be noted that even these elements contain minuscule amounts of Biotin, just an amount required for the company to enable to use this name on the bottle wrapper. It goes without saying that such spurious drugs do not cause any benefit at all. The question is how to identify the same. One great giveaway is the price which is far too less in proportion with that of the genuine drug. The genuine drug is priced at forty US dollars to Fifty US dollars whereas these spurious ones are available at a fraction of these prices. Anything which comes cheap is risky.

These points have been explicitly explained by Ms Mary J Clavert in her video which she has uploaded on and can be viewed at She also explains the precautions one should take while consuming genuine Biotin and it must be said that the informational video should be seen by all those who wish to use Biotin.