Did you know that Singapore has an incredibly active internet population? They are also very interested in Social Media, this could be because a lot of Singapore offers Free Wi-Fi – be it at the airport, cafes etc. Due to this, there has become an ideal opportunity for Internet Marketing Singapore, these are companies that are specializing in the social media or digital marketing field. These companies are able to create campaigns with the focus on lead generation on these active users in Singapore.

The Republic of Singapore has a population of around 5 million people, saying that 36% of that population are foreigners. Did you know that Singapore is ranked sixth in the world in terms of Facebook usage? It has a Facebook penetration rate of 52.5%, which shows a whopping 67.4% of the online population coming out at 2.4 million people on Facebook. Social Media is a big thing in the daily life of someone from Singapore, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc they all make up for time spent on the internet. In terms of the overall usage of the internet in the world this may not seem like an extreme number, but when you take into consideration the total population of Singapore vs the rest of the world then these numbers are astonishing. It has always been known that Singapore is the heart (or very close to the heart) of the internet revolution or the continued internet revolution for arguments sake let’s call it the communication revolution. Times are changing and the only way to keep up with it is by adapting to all the changes, by making sure that you, your company and your family are up to date with all the changes happening.

Knowing the effect of the Internet, it is still astonishing when you find out there are people not using this unlimited resource.