Locks are an integral part of every house. Practically every door in the house would have a lock. It can be the main door, doors of rooms as well as cupboards and drawers. Even suitcases and briefcases have locks on them. Every lock requires a key to open. Locks are usually fixed to the fittings. It is only the keys that are always hung loose. Thus there are more chances of keys getting lost. Searching for a lost key is one activity which each man or woman would have done many times in their lives. Every lock has a set of keys. The beauty of the lost key syndrome is that it might have been the only key available for that lock. Keys also have a peculiar time for getting lost. It is only during an emergency that a key gets lost thus adding to the tension.

Locks are locks and keys are keys anywhere in the world. Be it India or Australia, Patna or Perth, an emergency is an emergency. While in Perth during such an emergency the only person one can think of is the emergency locksmith perth. He is the perfect person for the job. There is no need to worry if a key is lost. The locksmith is there to prepare a duplicate key and open the lock. His job is not restricted to making duplicate keys. He is in fact a person who can manufacture as well as repair locks. This is a skilled job which very few people in the world learn and do. Hence the number of locksmiths in the world is quite less as compared to people from other professions. Maybe people have a habit of discarding the lock instead of repairing it. But he is the man for the occasion whenever a key gets misplaced.