Nail fungus can affect any human being but those with weak immune systems are more prone to it. Men get it more often than women and adults more than children.


Since sweating and wearing closed shoes increases the risk, the condition is often called athlete’s foot although doing sports does not cause fungus in itself. It is even good for immunity. Only, we should wash after workout if we sweat, dry well and get fresh clothes on.

People with diabetes and those that sweat excessively are also more susceptible.

How do you know if you have it

Nail fungus can usually be diagnosed after visual inspection and talking about symptoms; ordinary people can recognise it themselves, without help of experts. Treatment is also often successful without professional help.

Sometimes patients and doctors are not sure so they take some samples of the affected tissue and send it for testing in a laboratory. Nail fungus namely looks and feels similar to some other diseases like psoriasis and dermatosis.

Some other fungal infections are diagnosed with Wood’s lamp, also called black light, which gives ultraviolet light. For nail fungus, this is not helpful since that type of fungus in not fluorescent.

Prevent it

Right lengths of toenails, breathing socks and avoiding barefoot contact with floor in public places prevent the ailment. Shoes should not be too tight and must be dried after usage. Especially closed shoes that are dark inside are a great environment for fungi if moisture is left in them. Drying in sun or with electric heaters or hairdryers in winter is usually enough but some people use special powders that soak the sweat in.

Was hilft bei nagelpilz is a useful source of information. One medication is especially recommended there but for some people, others will work better.