Know the procedure of installing artificial grass

Natural lawn would be full of bumps as the ground surface would be naturally uneven at places. Sports events such as football and hockey for instance require lush green surfaces with a sense of all round evenness. Even a slight bump can cause hardships for players and can cause injuries. Hence it becomes all the more important to install an artificial lawn for such playing arenas. There are companies such as Artificial Lawn Company which undertake installation of artificial lawns. You should know how the artificial lawn is installed. One should visit the website and discover how ALC install their fake grass. The procedure is quite simple which is illustrated in detail in the website. The main requirement is the choosing of the perfect lawn size. Once that is done the rest is quite easy.

The first step requires accurate measurement to be taken. The next job is to strip all the existing grass, weeds and vegetation to make the ground bare and hence the foundation for the artificial grass can be easily laid. The ground should be leveled perfectly and should not have any bump of any sort. The third step is to spread a thin layer of sharp sand to bind the soil. For best results you can lay a Geotextile fabric layer over the sand base which restricts the growth of any fresh weed. This is an optional step and can be even skipped over. The next step involves rolling out of the artificial grass and it should be ensured that one does not work on the leveled base any more as it can cause a bump on the carpet. Consistency over direction is to be maintained at any cost. At the end one can apply a small amount of kiln dried sand to hold the artificial grass together.